Teaching ESL

I am an English Literature and Language teacher with close to 10 years of experience in education. I have taught ESL from ages 3 to senior citizen in Spain, Costa Rica, and Latvia for over 3 years. I was an English teacher outside of Richmond, California for 4 years. And I held a place as a special needs teacher's aide for two years.

Through my experiences, I have developed a talent for reading students strengths and weaknesses as well as provide resources to build up their learning difficulties. My lessons include technology, media, and/or crafts. I love finding things to make an interactive, enjoyable, and effective lesson plan. Besides getting to know my students, lesson planning is my favorite part of teaching.

Currently, I live in JaƩn, Spain with my husband and our two small, adorable children. I teach a few ESL classes online while my husband works full-time at an ESL language school.

Check out the website for ESL ideas and resources. I can also create any resource you are looking for just email me.

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